Young Artist Competition


Important Dates:

February 1, 2019, Video Audition cut off.

April 27, 2019 – Finalist Recital at the National Opera Center  Marc Scorca Hall NYC 10am-2pm


The Young Artist Competition is an annual competition for musicians up to age 23. A winner will be awarded a solo appearance with the Adelphi in our Young Artist Showcase Concert.

Competition Details

Ages: up to Age 23

Categories College (student in a University/College/Conservatory or 18 – 23); Senior(( 15-18) ;Junior (14 and under) Division – As of Feb 1 2019

Important Deadline:

1. February 1, 2019, Video Audition cut off. Finalists will be chosen from the Video Round

2. Finalists will perform in the April  29, 2019, Recital at the National Opera Center NYC. Awards will be given in each Category.

3. The Soloist for the 2019 -20 Young Artist Showcase will be chosen from the finalists on the  April 29 2019  concert.



Audition for the Young Artist Competition

To audition, please complete the following steps:

1. Select a work of your choice. The first prize winner will need to perform a concerto that is appropriate for chamber orchestra.

2.     Submit an audition recording via  Youtube, Vimeo.

3.    Online Application 2019


Young Artists Competition Fee


Application requirements
1. A Completed Application Form.

2.  Fee of $75 US

1. The decisions of the Jury are final.

2. The Jury reserves the right to not select a winner.

3.  The Jury, Board of the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra
make no representation that the production will not infringe any copyrights of third parties.

4. Winners hold harmless the Jury,  Board of the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra from any
damages, claims, liabilities, and costs, or losses of any kind or nature whatsoever, which may in
any way arise from the rehearsals, performance, and recording.



Finalists will be notified by letter by March 1, 2019. Soloist with the Orchestra will be notified on or after the April 29 2019 finals.


Soloist Competition Winner receives

1. Certificate Award as Winner of The Young Artist Competition

2. Finalists will perform in the April 29 finals concert. The first place winner to solo with the orchestra will be chosen from the finals.

3.  Performance as the featured soloist with the Adelphi Orchestra during the  2019-20 Season.

Previous Young Artist Showcase Soloists

October 2018: Randall Goosby – Violin

May 2019: Bryan Cheng – Cello

October 2017:  Xiaoxuan Shi  -Violin

October 2016: Nathan Meltzer, Violin

October 2014: Ari Boutris, Violin & Ming Nga Cheung, Piano

October 2013: Dylan Wu, Cello

October 2012: Anton Rist, Clarinet NY

March 2012: Brieuc Vourch, Violin

October 2010: Jennifer Choi , cello

October 2009: Lindy Tsai, cello

October 2008: Ethan Siegel violin

October 2007: Philo Lee, cello

March 2006: Christina Hughes, flute

March 2005: Daniel Baer, Piano