***A Total Embrace – Leonard Bernstein centenary celebration


Wednesday, May 15th Original Call 7:00-10:00PM

7:00PM downbeat for all MASS orchestra players

The Wednesday rehearsal begins with MASS at 7PM downbeat, moving on to both Overtures around 7:20PM. After that, the rest of the evening will be spent on West Side Story and Candide with soloists, chorus and orchestra.

7:15PM Call for all other Orchestra players

Rehearsal continues with AMC until 10:00PM for all players in West Side Story and Candide

Thursday, May 16th Original Call 7:00-10:00PM

7:00PM downbeat for all Chichester Psalms players

The NJ State Children’s Chorus is rehearsing with AMC at 7PM

8:00PM downbeat for all MASS players with rehearsal until 10:00PM


Saturday, May 18th Call time for all performers: 5:30PM

Touch-up rehearsal 5:30-6:15PM.

Concert is at 7PM with Reception following.

 West Side Presbyterian Church, 6 S. Monroe Street, Ridgewood, NJ

Concert Attire:

Dress for women is all black, skirts or flowing pants.

Men is black tux, black bow tie, white shirt, black shoes.

We ask all performers to please be courteous in avoiding scented materials, as many members have severe allergies to such fragrances.

  1. West Side Story Overture: strings, perc, harp, (2,2,2,2,2, -2, 2,2)
  2. Candide Overture : strings, perc,  harp, (2,2,3,2, 2,2,2)

  3. Chichester Psalms : (strings,tromb,harp, perc)
  4. MASS arr. Doreen Rao:: 1,2 3 7,8,9,13,14 ,15. (e/b guitars, 
  5. West Side Story Concert Suite 2 (bclar, tromb,
  6.  Candide: The Best of All Possible Worlds, Oh Happy We, Glitter and Be Gay and Make Our Garden Grow (harp,tromb, 

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