tdaffinity2014Contribute to the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra at NO COST!

…through the TD Bank’s Affinity Program

The ACO code is: AF176

Click for: Information About the Adelphi TD Affinity program

Become part of TD Bank’s Affinity Program and by doing so, contribute to the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra!  TD Bank will donate its own money to the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra  based on a percentage of the average balance of all linked TD Bank Affinity Program accounts.  Just stop by a TD Bank Store and open an account (i.e. checking, savings, money market certificates of deposit and retirement accounts qualify) and request your account(s) balances be part of the TD Affinity Banking Program for the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra. Existing TD Bank customers also need to stop by your TD Bank Store to have your TD accounts added to the Affinity Program.

The TD Bank Affinity  Membership Program is designed to help support non-profit organizations at no cost to its members or supporters.

Here’s How It Works
TD Bank will make an annual donation to our organization based upon the average annual balance of all linked accounts. Eligible accounts include business and personal, Checking, Savings, Money Market, CD, and Retirement!

What We Receive:

Checking Accounts

  • $50 for every new checking account
  • $10 for every existing checking account

Savings Accounts or CDs

  • 1/10 of 1% contribution based upon your

participants annual average balances

All You Have To Do:   Ask your TD banking agent to link your accounts to the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra  through its Affinity Banking program, it’s that simple!  If you have any questions prior to linking your account, please contact our TD Bank representative  Sarina A. Mazza   201 574 3921 or

Again please note  – Adelphi Chamber Orchestra  will not receive any information from TD Bank regarding your account balances or any other personal information. This program is run solely through TD Bank and is an exciting opportunity we hope you take part in to help us continue to grow in supporting our orchestra.